Mar 16, 2018

All the pieces matter

This book is a  must read for fans of The Wire. It gives a deeper look into the background relationships, decisions, and things that made the show work so well. Once you start it takes you back to one of the best shows made. I enjoyed this read tremendously. 

Feb 21, 2018

Book Review : Be the Hands and Feet

Title: Be the hands and feet: Living out god's love for all his children.
Author: Nick Vujicic

What an inspirational read. Sometimes it takes someone else's struggles to see what you have been blessed with.

Many people feel that it is hard to speak about their religious beliefs with others. This book shows how it is hard for everyone at first. Even someone like Nick started out not wanting to do so but it was his calling and he grew into the role of being a motivational speaker to others.

We all need a read like this sometimes. Very good!

Jan 3, 2018

English Tea

I have become obsessed with tea and creamer. I saw tea and cream on some show I was watching and I love it. Should I relax with these shows. Well yes of course. Laundry goes quicker when I am entertained. I have been doing a ton of cleaning as well. The toy room, the closets, everything.

The Book of Joe

This is a beautifully written book that speaks about former Vice President Joe Biden. From telling of his life as a child to the day he became vice president. This book gives incite to different areas of his life as well is wisdom that has come from him. 

If you want to learn more about Joe Biden, and learn more about this great man, read this book. Great read. 

Netflix Dark

Today I finally got the girls clothes in order, somewhat. I have a large lawn bag full of giveaway just from their dresser and clean laundry. I still have more in the garage and other places. 

While doing all the folding I began to watch the new Netflix show Dark. Not only watch it BINGED IT. I told myself to stop but I couldnt. The concept of it is so wild that I need season 2 now.