Feb 25, 2010

Missing In Action

I have been missing in action for a few days/weeks if only it was t for work I could spend all day reviewing books and movies.

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Feb 7, 2010


Lost Season 3 Episode 10

I wonder who Trisha Tanaka is?

It starts with a Flashback of Hugo with his dad who is pretty much leaving. His dad gives him some spew about hope and a candy bar. I'm assuming this is very significant.

It then jumps to him talking to Libbys grave. He then goes up to Charlie who informs him that Desmond has states that he is going to die. Hurley says it's his fault due to his bad luck. While they are talking Vincent comes out with a burnt arms and keys dangling from his hand. It looks like Desmonds hand to me.


Hurley is being interviewed by a reporter after his Lottery winnings. Ahhhhhhh she's Trisha Tanaka. She asks about his Lucky Streak and he let's her know that he actually only had bad luck. Poor Hugo. Ooommmmmggggg a freaking Meteor hit the Chicken Place after Trisha goes in.WLOOOOW. In an effort to show him he is not cursed Hugos mom says he brought good luck. His father came back... Ummmm. Turns out the mama called him. He starts to want to give all his money away. Hugo not his dad. His dad takes him to see a Psychic. She shows him that he is cursed and that death follows him. He doubts her and finds out his dad lied. He then decides to go to AUstralia.


The dog leads Hurley to a van that's tipped over. Sun let's Jin know that she won't talk to him in anything other then English. In that respect Jin winds up going with Hurley to the van. Jin and hurley try to tip over the van. Charlie confronts Desmond about his death. Sawyer and Kate come back. Sawyer finds out all his things are gone and wants an explanation. Dammit Kate is being dumb Kate again. I honestly don't like her. Hurley wind up having Jin and Sawyer push him and Charlie down a hill. The van begins to work. Kate winds up looking for the French Lady to help her go find Jack she tries to convince her to go because she tells her Alex is her daughter. It ends on that note

I liked the episode.

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Lost Season 3 Episode 9

This is a Kate-Sawyer-Jack-The Others Episode.

Y is Kate a big baby? In te start of the episode they learn that the Others have a different life then they show.

It turns out being a Jack episode. He flashes back into being on a trip. He hangs out with some chick who winds up being a Tatoo artist who writes on him what he is defined as. He doesn't listen when she tells him not to do it. Jack winds up being beat up on the beach after she does it since her people don't want him there anymore because ita against their code. The tatoo says HE WALKS AMONGST US BUT HES NOT ONE OF US.

While Kate and Sawyer are with Carl again Kate tries to get all nosy when Carl is crying but Sawyer comes in and states that he has to go back for Alex.

It turns out that Alex is Bens daughter. Her and Jack comnvince him to not have Juliet executed but. He states that she is to be marked. Before she got Jack out of the cage Cindy from the second section of the plane, and the children come to watch him in the cage. Juliet gets a big mark on her lower back and Jack helps her care for it. She informs him that they will transfer him to their Home island.

Between Sawyer and Kate it turns out she feels guilty for sleeping with him.

The episode ends with Jack on the ship with Juliet going to the other island.

Honestly this episode was slow for me and really didn't do much other then establish more back story.

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I belive it is a Hurley/Lock/Other Guy In Hole.....

Is other guy in hole a psychic?!?! He keeps predicting things.

OH NOOO Mr Eko is dead. Ummmmmm now Lock says the island killed him does he mean the black smoke thing??

Ohhhh other guy in hole is named Desmond.

how did Desmond know Claire was drowning? Hurley was right he is Psychic.

Jelousy! Charlie doesn't like Desmomd.

Flashback to when the timer went off and Deamond turned the key. It looked like he flashed back to when he was with Penny. Then he flashes forward to what was going to happen on the island.

Oh no penny dad is super mean and snobbish. Wow how are you going to tell someone you are not going to be a great man.

Charlie is in his flashback, then he is in his flashforward. "that's y we don't do drugs".

Time Travel?!? Please don't tell me that's involved too.

How is that lady that's selling him the ring know all the information about him?

It's not really explained but it seems like Shes an OTHER.

Desmond takes head to what the old lady says throws the ring into the river after breaking up with Penny. He winds up getting hit in the bar and winds up back on the island regretting not doing the things his heart wanted to. He winds up drinking with Charlie and Hurley.

Oh no does that mean that he knows Clairs gonna die?

SHOCK. It's suppose to be Charlie who Desmond is trying to save. Oh my goodness. That means Charlies going to die.

On that note the episode ends.

What a great episode!

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Feb 6, 2010


Blond doctor not named Julia it's Juliet. On Lost .

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Ep 7 of Lost Season 3

So far I see Brainwashing and it explains Julia the doctor for THE OTHERS is on the island. Turns out MAC from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is an Other. Ed is Julia's Ex husband ((who was also a bad guy in Heroes)), who is also a scientist gets killed by a bus just like she asked the Other who asked her to join him. Jack has to save Ben who is still on the operating table. Alex and Julia help Sawyer and Kate escape the Island with Alex's boyfriend Carl. Turns out Alex is the bosses daughter I thought she was the French Ladies daughter. I didn't even notice Ben said anything to Julia. Some creepy Mr Halpert is the one who asked her to join them.. Give Us 6 Months... Yeah right. Now I wonder if her sister ever gave birth. WHAT THA... y is Ethan on there?! 3 years on the island that's a long time for her to live on the island. Ahhhh Ben promised her she could leave. Personally I don't think he will

Episode was pretty interesting.

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Snow Snow Snow

Snow Snow Snow Snow Time for LOST weekend wooooo!

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Feb 4, 2010

I have failed on my mission to be prepared for LOST

Due to other commitments I was not able to watch all of LOST and catch up to the new season. The new season started February 2nd, 2010 and I have yet to watch that new episode as well as old episodes. I will do this. I am tryng to make time.Hopefully if I am snowed in during this supposed Snow Storm of the Century I will watch it with the ROKU box from Netflix.