Jan 15, 2016

Review: My little pony

I had the opportunity to review a My little pony toy with my 2 year old. It is a adorable Playschool bus that brings these extra large little pony figures that fit perfectly in her toddler hands.

I received this product for review at a discount.

Jan 13, 2016

Buddy Quest

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I had the opportunity to try out the game Buddy Quest. the game in itself is simple to play. The best part in my opinion is the fact that it gives kids a Real Life Goal and parents have to verify that they did it. The first one being, help clean up around the house. Honestly a change from the normal games for kids and for the better.

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Jan 4, 2016

Book Review: Oasis, The Last Humans book 1,

 I had a very enjoyable time reading The Last Humans Book 1 by Dima Zales. This book falls in the dystopian sociaty genre. The story revolves around Theo a "Youth" and his "Imaginary" friend Phoe. The society that Theo lives in has gotten everyone to be on the same page, until Phoe changes that for Theo and he begins to see and notice things that are not right. He starts to question alot and when the "Elders" notice they want to take action. Once the ball starts rolling Phoe must help Theo find answers, for herself and for him.

This is a fast paced book that you most likely will finish in one sitting. I really enjoyed the development of each character and the twists and turns the author creats leaves you wanting more.

I cant wait to get my hands on the rest of the books.

Purchase here:

I received this advanced copy for review at a discounted price.

Review: Wine Aerator By Vino Aria

I had the pleasure of being able to review the Wine Aerator by Vino Aria. I am not a wine connoisseur, but it was sure fun using the aerator. This product is going to become a new favorite once my breastfeeding days are over. Very easy to use, slick in design, and a beautiful box to put away in.

I received this product for review at a discount, for my honest unbiased review.

Probiotics, Eczema, Allergies

Well today will start the new journey with Probiotics. My little love bug has been having major issues with eczema. Before I even continue with the prescribed steroid creams I have been on a hunt for a natural solution. So far I have tried a few creams, that for sure have no fragrances, and today I will test out the probiotics I purchased for her. I have this habit of trying any medicine she will take because I want to make sure they are safe for her.
I have on many occasions read that Probiotics may help me clean her from the inside out. This I feel might be a turning point into helping her heal.

Due to being uninformed, new parent, and trusting that doctor knows best. I was told she was too young to do an allergy test on. Her father has a few allergies and I was always worried but mainly on shellfish and things like that. Now as a 1 year old she would eat everything, after breastfeeding, I transitioned her into Coconut Milk than Almond Milk. Not wanting to deal with all the hormones in cows milk. We now have a Moms Organic market around the area with grass fed cow milk so lets see if that returns to the picture later on.  I was giving her almond milk not knowing she had allergies to tree-nuts and peanuts. When I was told this I felt horrible. I did not know but I still feel that I caused much of the issues she is having because her little body could not deal with it anymore. For now I am becoming much more educated and for 2 I am making sure she is getting tested early.

Today is the start to a new treatment. I will for sure keep updates on how the probiotics are helping.