Dec 19, 2010

Laughing So Hard :)

I finally had a chance to watch The Other Guys...Loved It! I love Mark Wahlberg's character it reminds me of so many short guys with big attitudes. Will Ferrell is just....Will Ferrell. This is the story of the guys sitting on the desks when the hot guys are out doing all the action fighting. I love the TLC references...made me go out and get all the songs from I Tunes. "Gator!!" I love "Gator!" and the faces Wahlberg makes are priceless.
Highly Recommended!

The beginning just has your mouth open with the thoughts of "What The...". Buy it Rent it Watch it!

Dec 14, 2010

Beyonce Music

Makes me want to kick peoples ass lol

James Patterson & Andrew Gross "The Jester"

I love James Patterson butttt sometimes he freaks me out. I love digging around thrift stores and finding books I have never seen. I found this book and reading the book description was interested. The only thing is that I was imagining a less gory book. It was a great tail, and reminded me alot of Braveheart (One of my TOP favorite movies), but for some reason I cant handle when they describe some scenes because they were VERY detailed. Its a adventurous and sad story about a man searching for his wife, Highly recommended.

Dec 9, 2010

The Lost Hero - Rick Riordan

So I enjoy many many books. To date Rick Riordan is a very entertaining author. I enjoyed his Percy Jackson Series; whose series was actually the only time I ever saw the movie first and read the book after. It is such an entertaining work that it keeps your imagination moving. Every child and adult has learned something about the Greek and Roman Mythology and who adult or child never dreamed of waking up one day to find out you are way more then you ever imagined. This book is a great read and I highly recommend it for kids and kids at heart. 

Dec 1, 2010

Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married Too?"

I was a little off put by the beginning the movie but as it progressed I more and more got addicted. I honestly think this is an eye opening movie. Especially if you have had the roughs in your relationship. I don't enjoy many Tyler Perry movies that much but this is a great film and highly recommended. I want to get into details but dont want to spoil it for anyone.

My Eastern World Obsession

 I am currently on a quest to watch as many new "Dramas" (Soap Operas) that I can. I have had this fascination since childhood with Anime, Manga, K-Pop, J-Pop, Music, and the such. I have now taken on the quest to learn a new language that is NOT with Roman letters ie English French Spanish Italian. Highly excited and hopefully I can understand what I am watching. :-) 안녕하세요 wooooo :)

Finally a solution to my book organizing problem.

I keep looking up ways to organize all my wonderful  books but I never find a rhythm. I finally found a free program that all I have to do is place the ISBN number in the system and it organizes the book list which in turn is gonna help me organize my wonderful books. BookCAT awsome program I found a download on and it was great. Lets hope I finally have my mini library organized :).