May 8, 2013

Homemade Baby Wipes

When I would shop for my nephew all I thought about was oh how cute, he'd like this, he needs this, and I love him. I take care of him from time to time and have always had the supplies to care for him, when he was little from his parents or I would get my own and now that he's older he uses same things I do just in smaller sizes :). That's the fun of being an aunt play with him help him when he cries act foolish with him, but eventually he goes home (even if I get sad and feel lonely after he does), and I get to have him some other day for the same fun and love.
Since I will now be 10000000000000000% responsible for my baby I am now looking at the things that I MUST buy to care for her and ummmm yeah I never looked at price tags before but why in the world does a 4 pack of baby white shirts cost almost $10.00! Baby diapers and wipes ohhh my goodness I recall changeing my newphews diaper when he was little and #1 no issue but the #2 comes and I used to get scolded for using 1/2 a package of baby wipes. I understand why now!

Well looking online I found a wonderful soulution!.

HOMEMADE BABY WIPES!! Gasp! What?! Yes! I thought OK when she is born I will begin to make them. My DH said we should try it on us first before we do on her, which makes sense If I cant use it neither will she.

How to make Homemade Baby Wipes:
I read that Viva paper towles are one of the best because they do not deteriorate when wet.
What you will need.
1. Viva  Papertowle
2. 2 Containers or 1 if you want to do on sepearate days not all at once.
3. 2 cups cold water
4. baby wash, natural oil (baby oil or oter natural oil) I used Bio-Oil for this batch.
After gathering all you items, time for the fun! :).
1.  Cut the Viva papertowls in 1/2; I use a sharp sharp kitchen knife. I prefer to use the ones with no edging because it makes them rough on the edge.

 2. Place dry towels in containers. You can do them at same time or you can do them separate days.

 3. Mix Together 2 Cups of Water, 1 Tbsp of Baby Wash ( Or Baby Shampoo) and 1 Tbsp of Oil (Baby or Other Natural). This mix is per container when you are ready to make the 2nd 1/2 you make the same mix for it.

 4. Pour the mixture into the container on top of paper towel; around paper towel; and in container bottom. The goal is to make sure the paper towel is completely soaked. If it has not fully gotten wet make you can add a little more water since some residue of wash and oil should still be in the mixing cup.

 5. Once paper towel is soaked, you will find it easy to pull out carton middle. You can do before hand but I find it easier when wet then dry, and it allows that little end piece to pull on wipes.

6. Cove up container; wait about 10 minutes, or until all liquid is off bottom of container....

  ....and BAM homemade baby wipes!!!

Baby What A Year So Far!

This year has been quite a new experience for me in many ways. Not only am I having a baby :). Yes I will finally be blessed with a baby. One of my I am not freaking out with the idea that I will bee 1000000000% responsible for this little person to grow into a great human being! I think I'll do decent. At least I have someone now to mold into liking my harry potter, kpop, and random things in life I like. :).
The next eye opening situation is my DH had a motorcycle accident. I thank the lord that he is still here with me a little broken up and bruised and sadly unable to eat like he used to for a few weeks but HERE and I cant even begin to explain the feelings I have gone through.
There is so much going on with life that it has allowed me to learn a lot about myself and those around me. I have learned quite a few homemade tricks since I have to now prepare for baby and care for my DH while pregnant and figuring out what the poor guy can eat through a straw.
It will be ok and I will soon be posting a whole new category of items.
I love life even when it throws me curve balls and splashes me with ice cold water.