Jul 9, 2012

Things I Grew Up Loving Even Though No One Else Did.. Part 2

I watched 21 Jump Street the other day and something Schmidt said hit home. "If I was just born ten years later, I would have been the coolest person ever."

I was not in any form an intervert or weirdo but I did enjoy reading alot and because of this I came to love anything that had to do with magic and the supernatural. The creepy attic we had didnt help. To THIS DAY my loving family still mocks me. I loved vampires werewolves fairies and all that jazz. Watching interview with a vampire regularly reading vampire encyclopedias etc. Now i see all these movies and shows and only if I was born a few years later my family might not mock me.......who am I kidding they still would. :-)

Like the movie says if only I was born 10 years later.  my brother still mocks me today for watching the craft and looking up spells watching werewolves and vampires. Of course the main difference is the vampires and werewolves were not as handsome or normal as the ones that show up now. The stephen king the howling was 1 of the first ones I watch also his sleepwalkers now those were really creepy.

I do enjoy the new shows and books but I do hope that some classics are not remade. I loved reading the original vampire diaries but now the show when they drift away from the original story they throw me off.I'm at least happy that I do get a chance to watch these new ones and not seem so weird.