Nov 15, 2012

Too much technology not in use

As the year comes to an end I am yet again reminded that I do not keep my blog updated. I always say it this year will be the year. I download the blogger app on my phone my tablet my computer everywhere but I still don't use it. Like the books I have read, I read so many good books this year saw many great movies did so many new things and I have not written about any of it. So here we go I will now again try to do a fast update of my blog.

Jul 9, 2012

Things I Grew Up Loving Even Though No One Else Did.. Part 2

I watched 21 Jump Street the other day and something Schmidt said hit home. "If I was just born ten years later, I would have been the coolest person ever."

I was not in any form an intervert or weirdo but I did enjoy reading alot and because of this I came to love anything that had to do with magic and the supernatural. The creepy attic we had didnt help. To THIS DAY my loving family still mocks me. I loved vampires werewolves fairies and all that jazz. Watching interview with a vampire regularly reading vampire encyclopedias etc. Now i see all these movies and shows and only if I was born a few years later my family might not mock me.......who am I kidding they still would. :-)

Like the movie says if only I was born 10 years later.  my brother still mocks me today for watching the craft and looking up spells watching werewolves and vampires. Of course the main difference is the vampires and werewolves were not as handsome or normal as the ones that show up now. The stephen king the howling was 1 of the first ones I watch also his sleepwalkers now those were really creepy.

I do enjoy the new shows and books but I do hope that some classics are not remade. I loved reading the original vampire diaries but now the show when they drift away from the original story they throw me off.I'm at least happy that I do get a chance to watch these new ones and not seem so weird.

Apr 22, 2012

Things I Grew Up Loving Even Though No One Else Did.. Part 1

As time goes by I begin to remember great shows I loved in childhood/early - late 90's. I have also come to realize that there are many many shows and movies that other people just don't understand/know existed/or ever heard of. On numerous occasions I have hummed a theme song and have been looked at with blank stares.Here are a few of the things that I watched in childhood that might explain why I see the world the way I see it.

"Wheels on fire..rolling down the..." What do you mean you have no idea what Ab Fab means?!!? 

 Absolutely Fabulous

Saffy...Patsy... and of course Eddie! Just beautiful and fabulous :). Drinking and smoking partying and wild sex... ohhh I couldn't wait to be an adult! Not really working but making money. Slick talking and boozing all day will get everything done. I just loved this show as an adult now I still do. This was one of the shows that was ahead of its time (or it could have been me watching ahead of my time).  It had me saying Darling in an English accent until I was looked at funny.

It centered around the life of Eddie and her life long friend Patsy. They are both in the fashion industry (though what Patsy works for a living is still unclear to me). Eddie loves/hates her life always wanting to be thin and the it person; but just not ever getting exactly on point. Her daughter Saffy and mother make her life hell for her at times (in her eyes) but are always there for her. I will never forget the episode where Patsy sells Saffy in Morocco. Or when Granny finds the fingerless gloves.The times Patsy burns Saffy; or the times Eddie falls asleep or passes out while the fun goes on around her. The fights between Eddie and her small ex husband and his large new wife ; or her other gay ex husband and his fab new husband/partner. This show is a classic and should be watched by all. Here are a few clips Darling :

Saffy put up with so much from her mom and Patsy.

Feb 29, 2012

Prized (Birthmarked #2) By Caregh M O'Brien

I finished a month ago the book Prized which is the 2nd book in the Birthmarked Series by Caragh M O'Brien.

I picked up this book very soon after I finished the first Birthmarked Book named...Birthmarked :). Sad to say I honestly did not enjoy it very much. In Birthmarked Gaia was a strong gun-ho type of girl, who did question what she was doing but more on the moral aspects then on the "oh no im gonna get in trouble" theme she was on in this book. I loved the Leon came back to be with her and she go her sister; but it was to much of UN-heroic Gaia. The ending of the book was more to speed of Birthmarked. It is a continuance of the original story and I'm glad to know what happened but now all I have is more questions and a kind of feeling after you eat something you wanted but its just not cooked with the right spices. 
I give this 2 out of 5 wiggles. 

Book 2 of 2012