Apr 22, 2012

Things I Grew Up Loving Even Though No One Else Did.. Part 1

As time goes by I begin to remember great shows I loved in childhood/early - late 90's. I have also come to realize that there are many many shows and movies that other people just don't understand/know existed/or ever heard of. On numerous occasions I have hummed a theme song and have been looked at with blank stares.Here are a few of the things that I watched in childhood that might explain why I see the world the way I see it.

"Wheels on fire..rolling down the..." What do you mean you have no idea what Ab Fab means?!!? 

 Absolutely Fabulous

Saffy...Patsy... and of course Eddie! Just beautiful and fabulous :). Drinking and smoking partying and wild sex... ohhh I couldn't wait to be an adult! Not really working but making money. Slick talking and boozing all day will get everything done. I just loved this show as an adult now I still do. This was one of the shows that was ahead of its time (or it could have been me watching ahead of my time).  It had me saying Darling in an English accent until I was looked at funny.

It centered around the life of Eddie and her life long friend Patsy. They are both in the fashion industry (though what Patsy works for a living is still unclear to me). Eddie loves/hates her life always wanting to be thin and the it person; but just not ever getting exactly on point. Her daughter Saffy and mother make her life hell for her at times (in her eyes) but are always there for her. I will never forget the episode where Patsy sells Saffy in Morocco. Or when Granny finds the fingerless gloves.The times Patsy burns Saffy; or the times Eddie falls asleep or passes out while the fun goes on around her. The fights between Eddie and her small ex husband and his large new wife ; or her other gay ex husband and his fab new husband/partner. This show is a classic and should be watched by all. Here are a few clips Darling :

Saffy put up with so much from her mom and Patsy.