Sep 18, 2011

Beastly by Alex Finn

Beastly by Alex Finn is an intriguing book. The storyline of course is based of the classic beauty and the beast only with a twist. This book was also made into a movie made by CBS Corporation.

Kyle is a rich spoiled mean guy who winds up making the wrong girl angry. He upsets a witch named Kendra and she in turn makes him into a beast whom is ashamed of going out and completely turns his world around. His own father sends him away out of shame (which shows you what kind of life he was raised to lead), to live alone with a maid and tutor. Alone and away from everyone he begins to change even changing his name to Adrian and with his change comes a gift that allows him to look out in the world and once he looks out he sees a former classmate, Lindy, of his whom he always ignored. He falls for her and wants to protect her so she is brought to him in the same beauty and the beast , fathers fault, way. In turn we know the ending but it was a very romantic young love type of thing. I love the way he flowed the story together and made modern life adjust to old love story.

I also took the time to watch Beastly staring Vanessa Hudgens as Lindy and Alex Pettyfer as Kyle/Adrian. The film adaption was one of those that missed alot of the story. It still had the same story line but at the same time I felt that some of the things in the book that were more raw and real were lost in the way that the production wanted it to look hip. It was still the same story line but the beast was completely different then the book described. trying to make  him look more artistic and lovely then a beast. Her fathers reasons were for her protection when in reality it was due to his being on the street and her life in danger. It was enjoyable but I preferred the book to the movie more.