Mar 29, 2010

Life on Discovery

Sometimes with all your personal problems we tend to forget we are not alone on this huge planet of ours. Highly recommend watching life.

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Mar 9, 2010

Jame Patterson Maximum Ride Graphic Novel

This new graphic novel was drawn by Narae Lee. I have read the Maximum Ride books by James Patterson,the wu that Le depicts Max and her special high flying family is
Much better then I could imagine. The novel is very much close to the original book. The artist captures the imagination and gives the original books Justice.

Synopsis: Maximum Ride is a teen girl who helps raise her small family of other kids whom ran away from a deranged institute that experiments on them and more children. They have been living alone for a few years when all of a suddenthey show up and kidnap the youngest the rest of the family tries to rescue her. They each go on there own and each grows a little until they reach there final destination.

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